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Where to Find Gold…

Gold prospecting is a lot like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack...it is extremely rare and without a knowledge of what to look for and where to look, it is almost impossible to find.   That's where the axiom comes into play, the best place to look...

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Gold Paydirt Gravimetrics What?

“Gravimetric What?” Understanding Gold Recovery Terminology Can Be as Perplexing as Learning How to Recover Gold Itself! How to recover gold? Sometimes, listening to highly educated/experienced people in the gold recovery field can get a bit confusing…like the term...

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Unlocking Our Fascination With Gold

We have a fascination with gold. We are inextricably tied to gold in one form or another. The pursuit of the yellow metal has shaped entire civilizations over time. We are fascinated by its beauty. We depend on, its utility to create things and enable processes to be...

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Eureka Moment Photo Tips!

pro gold colour wheel diagram We all want to share in your Eureka! moment of discovery. A good photo helps us do that, so here are some photo tips to capture the brilliance of your gold: I like a blue gold pan as the best color for a background, it complements...

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Paydirt Classification 101

A Word on paydirt classification.... Gold miners are a creative lot. We are constantly trying to improve our processes and methodologies.  Too, we are always attempting to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to recover the yellow metal. However, in our rush...

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Dahlonega Stamp Mill

iPan4Gold Paydirt – all of our paydirt starts as quartz rock that has been crushed the old-fashioned way, in a Stamp Mill –  in Dahlonega, Georgia. This piece of equipment is a genuine piece of gold mining history and is one of the last stamp mills still running...

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Good Panning Is Re-Panning

Most experienced gold panners know that you should ALWAYS pan into a safety pan. Why? Because you rarely get all the gold the first time you pan out your material. I was recently amazed that I continued to get new pieces of color from a single pan of material…and I...

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